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Mouth Guard

Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited womanMouthguards may be worn at night for a variety of reasons. The most common reason night mouth guards are recommended by dentists is because of the clenching and grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism. Mouthguards may also be worn at night for less severe cases of sleep apnea, and they may be prescribed by a dentist or doctor to help prevent snoring. Whatever the case, if you are looking for a professionally custom-made mouthguard, our caring team at Bravo Smile can take care of your needs.

Why is It Harmful if I Grind My Teeth While I Sleep?

Bruxism, or grinding of the teeth at night, is technically a sleep-related movement disorder. Though no specific causes are known, there are many things that may contribute to bruxism, including stress and anxiety. Other suspected causes include caffeine, alcohol use, sleep apnea, snoring, and crooked teeth. You may not even know that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, though you may wake up with one or many related symptoms regularly. Our dentists will also be able to tell by the wear on your teeth if you are grinding them at night.

Are you waking up tired all the time, or with regular headaches? Or maybe you are tired all the time and are not able to find the cause. You also may be experiencing jaw or facial pain that is unexplainable. Any of these may be signs that you are grinding your teeth in the night while you sleep. The damages of bruxism are not only possible to wear to your teeth. Consistent grinding of your teeth overnight can lead to possible cracking in your teeth, and it can even lead to a disorder known as a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. This disorder can permanently affect the joints of your jaw and the muscles used to chew. Wearing a mouth guard on your teeth while you sleep will prevent your upper and lower teeth from contacting each other, making grinding impossible and improving the related symptoms.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

It may have been recommended that you get a mouth guard custom made to help with your mild sleep apnea or snoring issues. Both sleep apnea and snoring are caused by the muscles in your neck and jaw relaxing completely when you fall into a deep sleep. When this happens, your tongue and the tissue around your neck may stop the flow of air through your esophagus. Snoring can lead to dangerous situations such as excessive daytime sleepiness and memory loss, while sleep apnea has the potential to cause cardiovascular damage, among other things.

If you are waking up with any of the above symptoms or are simply not getting enough sleep every night despite giving yourself ample time and great sleep space, let our caring team at Bravo Smile examine your oral health to check for one of the above issues. Or if a doctor has prescribed a custom-fitted mouth guard for sleep apnea or snoring, please do not hesitate to give us a call today at (971) 441-5987 and let us fit you for a comfortable solution.

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